What could Lukashenka twist neck for?

Natallya Eysmant, the press secretary of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, will be a guest of Markau. Nothing Personal show on the state-run TV channel ONT on March, 7.

Watching a trailer, one can hear some questions put by its host Marat Markau.

Among other things, he has asked Eysmant what selection requirements the presidential administration had when inviting journalists and experts to the Big Conversation with President and what criteria they were guided by when picking the questions for the event.

“If I picked out questions and topics, President would simply twist my neck,” Eysmant said.

The Big Conversation that took place on March, 1 lasted more than 7 hours. Not all representatives of independent media were given the floor; some were not accredited at all. It should be recalled that during Friday’s speech, he stated that 98% of Belarusians would vote against the country’s accession to the Russian Federation.

In the run up to the event, state-run news agency BelTA was challenging people to send their questions to the Belarusian leader promising that most of them would be answered. Not waiting for it, Belsat TV learned what residents of Homiel would like to ask Lukashenka about:

КА, belsat.eu