Was it ever such a temple: Putin, Obama bring gifts to Jesus

Belarusian artist Uladzimir Kandrusevich painted the walls of the Roman Catholic church of Saint Anthony of Padua in Vitsebsk.

On the walls of the temple one can see present-day politicians as well as angels with saxophones and pipes: the painter adapted biblical themes to modern realities.

The parish was registered in Vitebsk in 2001. Then the deserted former House of Culture of the Deaf Society was purchased as the base for the would-be church. Its consecration took place in June, 2017.

Earlier, the church of St. Anthony was located in Town Hall Square.

In the 1940s, the temple was turned into the anti-religious museum. In 1961 the building was blown up.

Look what the Church of St. Anthony looks like now:

Phot: news.vitebsk.cc