Vox populi: Belarusians ready to take to the streets for protest? (ENG video)

“Could anything make you take to the streets? If yes, what would you be protesting against?” Belsat TV journalists asked passers-by in a man-on-the street interview. Most interviewees admitted their being ready to protest…

“Firstly, I would be protesting against the lack of jobs. In the second place, you do know how low our salaries are.”

“Against low salaries and high utility rates!”

“I would like the authorities to raise our pension payments!”

“I do not have any information about what is going on in Minsk, but I think there is no reason to take to the streets, if compared to other countries, our situation is normal.”

“I would not protest even if you paid me!”

“Against unemployment! What else? I don’t know… Unemployment is our main problem. Perhaps, I would seek raising pensions.”

“Let them [authorities] pay us more money! And our people can’t find jobs! Utility rates are being forced up!”