Volha Czajczyc and Andrus Kozel fined for story about their own trial

The judge of the Lida district, Uladzimir Fedarovich, punished freelancers Volha Czajczyc and Andrei Kozel with a fine of 35 basic units each.

Administrative article traditionally used in cases like this was ‘illegal production of media materials’. They were punished for the story about the trial of Volha and Andrus, aired on January 18.

“On that day we stopped by the entrepreneurs to find out how they were doing, and we again had the police called on us. I did not make the story, but it did not stop anyone. No one is paying attention to the laws that exist in Belarus. And I can say that this pressure is very felt. It was felt last year: I was tried seven times, Andrus Kozel — five times,” says Volha Czajczyc.

Since the beginning of 2018, the working tandem has already gone through this process. The other day, there was another trial of Andrus Kozel, which, however, ended with sending the case for revision and release of the cameraman.

In total, last year, the journalists of our TV channel were fined for more than 50 thousand BYN. This year, according to statistics of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, this figure is already approaching 7 thousand BYN.