Vitsebsk customs officials seize mining equipment

Vitsebsk customs officers detained a truck traveling from Latvia through the checkpoint “Urbany”. The truck was transporting video cards and motherboards.

The accompanying documents for a large batch of computer parts (three and a half thousand video cards and motherboards) had an account information. The customs officers decided to check how much the spare parts cost, and it turned out that the documents understated the cost as much as nine times — the real cost of the components was almost 200 thousand dollars.

Photo: of real cost could help save almost 35 thousand dollars in customs payments.

Vitsebsk Customs launched the administrative process in accordance with Part 3 of Article 14.5 of the Administrative Code of Belarus – “Non-declaring or untrue declaration of goods”. Those responsible face a fine of 5 to 500 basic units with or without confiscation of goods.,