‘Poland is a bridge between Belarus and EU’. Polish MPs visiting Minsk

Ryszard Terlecki. Phot. ryszardterlecki.pl

The period of unimproved opportunities in Poland-Belarus relations is almost over, Ryszard Terlecki, Deputy Speaker of the Polish Sejm, told reporters after Tuesday’s meeting with Uladzimir Andreychanka, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus in Minsk.

His visit is intended to show how important the normalization of relations with Belarus is for Poland, Mr Terlecki stressed.

“Belarus has been and will be a neighbor of Poland, that is why the normalization of relations is important for both sides,” he said and added that the MPs would do their best for the improvement.

According to the politician, at the meeting the sides outlined important questions for further discussion, in particular the historical dialogue and the situation of the Polish minority in Belarus. “I think we will achieve positive results,” Terlecki noted.

The Polish MP also drew attention to the fact that Poland is a bridge between Belarus and the European Union:

“I hope that there will be no questions to you after after holding the parliamentary election in September, and the relations between Belarus and the EU will start normalizing.”

On August 2, Poland’s parliamentary delegation also met with Mikhail Myasnikovich, Chairman of the Council of the Republic. The meetings with Deputy Foreign Minister Alena Kupchyna and Archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich are scheduled for Wednesday. During their stay in Belarus, the Polish MPs are expected to visit Kurapaty, a site of mass executions where many Poles were killed by Soviet secret police, and to meet with representatives of local authorities and the Polish population in Baranavichy (Brest region).

Belsat.eu, following naviny.by