Vital Hurkou defeats famous fighter in China, raises white-red-white flag

Vital Hurkou had his first fight in China, where he defeated the Kazakh kickboxer Mergen Bilyalov — a 24-year-old undefeated champion of the Chinese K-1, world champion, who had 15 fights and won them all.

Last year Bilyalov was the only athlete from the CIS, who was invited to the world mixed martial arts team.

“Today was a successful end of my sports year. I defeated a very serious contender in my debut competition in China. Long live Belarus!” Hurkou wrote in Instagram.

Vital Hurkou uses national symbols during all his matches. In addition to the flag, he has a cap with a “chase”. Also, the 11-time world champion in Muay Thai and vocalist of the ‘BRUTTO’ Vital Hurkou launched his own clothes line. He independently developed a print for T-shirts with the inscription “Victory Will Be Ours”.