Solar power plants to be built around Charnobyl NPP

The thirty-kilometer exclusion zone can get a new life, and the former Charnobyl workers – a new job.

According to the Ukrainian Minister of Ecology Ostap Semerak, his department is considering the land lease option for the construction of solar power plants.

“A number of foreign companies have expressed the desire to build in the exclusion zone facilities that generate electricity from renewable sources. And it’s important for us: the creation of new industries in this territory will allow to create new jobs and recruit professionals with experience of working in Charnobyl,” quotes the statement by the Ministry’s press service.

Ostap Semerak noted that the Ministry has announced a tender for permission to lease land in the exclusion zone for the installation of solar power plants.

Earlier, the Ukrainian government reduced the cost of the state property lease in the Charnobyl zone: now the rent is calculated using the coefficient of 0.15%.

World leaders in conversion of solar radiation into electricity are Spain and the United States.