Criminal case launched in Ukraine over kidnapping of person accused of preparing terrorist attacks in Crimea

Ukraine authorities have opened a criminal case over the abduction of Yevgeny Panov, resident of Energodar accused by the FSB of preparing terrorist attacks in Crimea. This was announced by the acting head of the National Police of Ukraine Vadim Troyan. According to him, the statement about the kidnapping came from Panov’s relatives.

A former colleague of Panov, Igor Matyukhin, said that two more people who had served with Panov in Donbas disappeared together with him. According to Matyukhin, Panov’s wife said that he went to a meeting with his colleagues and promised to return soon, but the next day his phone was no longer ringing. Panov’s brother said that he had been kidnapped.

“We are taking all necessary measures for the rapid, full and impartial clarification of all the circumstances of this crime,” Troyan said.

On August 10, FSB claimed they had prevented terrorist attacks in Crimea, allegedly prepared by Ukrainian intelligence. According to the FSB, on the night of 7 and 8 August,saboteurs tried to break through into Crimea. Fire was opened at the border.

Yevgeny Panov was detained. FSB claims that he had confessed. According to unofficial information, seven people were detained, their names are unknown.

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