US to deploy troops across Germany to Eastern Europe as part of exercise

In 2020, as part of the Defender 2020 (DEF 20) military exercise, Washington intends to work on the operational relocation of one of its divisions from the US through Germany to Eastern Europe, writes.

In addition to the US and Germany, 15 other NATO countries will participate in Defender 2020. It is estimated that a total of about 20,000 US soldiers and officers as well as military equipment will be involved. Thus, the maneuvers will be the largest in the last 25 years.

But the German government has criticized the US plans. In particular, Left Party politicians believe that the exercise is a “new planned provocation” against Russia and believe it will lead to concrete steps by Moscow.

“The concepts of de-escalation, peace and disarmament no longer exist in NATO language,” said Alexander Neu, a Bundestag member of the Left Party.