Uladzimir Berazhkou released from prison

Former general manager of Minsk “Dynama” has been released. The news was tweeted by the Russian journalist Alexei Shevchenko, by.tribuna.com reports. 

There has been no official confirmation on the part of either law enforcement or the Hockey Federation.

Uladzimir Berazhkou was accused of abuse of authority, office and embezzlement through abuse of office. Earlier it was reported that Berazhkou and Subbotkin paid three billion rubles and wrote a petition for pardon to Lukashenka.

Yury Chyzh, Chairman of the FC Dynama Minsk Supervisory Board, is currently behind bars. He was detained on 11 March and accused of tax evasion wheb working in the “Triple”. The alleged damage to the state is estimated at billions of rubles. Chyzh is facing up to 7 years in prison.

On 22 March, another major businessman, Servolux General Director Yauhen Baskin was released from remand prison. He is number six in the ranking of the most successful and influential businessmen in Belarus. According to the KGB, Baskin reimbursed the amount of damage, of which he was accused.