Ukraine’s musician banned from entering Belarus over being blacklisted by Russia

Ukrainian musician Sergei Martyniuk has been denied entry to Belarus because he is unwelcome in Russia. He is the leader of the Volyn musical band ‘Fiolet’ which is also popular in Belarus.


On Friday he went on tour in support of his solo project “Pianoakustika”. The first concert was to have taken place in Brest, but Belarusian border guards denied the Ukrainian musician entry into the country, Martyniuk said on Facebook.

“The officers of the Belarusian Customs explained that the entry ban is in effect due to the relevant decision of the Russian Federation which extends to the territory of Belarus as well,” Sergei Martyniuk said.

Сяргей Мартынюк прадставіў доказ прычыны адмены беларускіх канцэртаў.

The performer had to cancel concerts in Brest, Minsk and Vitsebsk.

Sergei is about to ask the Belarusian Embassy in Ukraine to lift the ban. “We are waiting for a positive decision taken without regard to Putin’s blacklists,” he hopes.

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