UCPB: Change of leadership in opposition party

Former policeman Mikalai Kazlou will be Acting Chairman of the United Civic Party of until the next congress of the party is held. He replaced Vasil Palyakou who had been in the lead for 2.5 months.

Vasil Palyakou was elected head of the UCPB on July 8. Until that time, politician Anatol Lyabedzka had been ruled the party for many years.

“Two months after the congress the newly elected Chairman made a statement that he had not fully realised the existing problem of the party and new challenges he would have to face as Chairman. Moreover, he does not have the opporunity to move to Minsk [from Homiel], which also compounds the matter. On September 23, he filed a letter of resignation to the board,” the press se5rvice reports.

Mikalai Kazlou was born in Minsk region in 1967. He had served 17 years as a police officer. During the 2008 parliamentary campaign, he stood guard over a polling station, witnessed and denounced ballot stuffing. After the case became public, he had to leave the police ranks.