Gasoline truck overturns spilling 2.5 tons of diesel

Accident in Vtsebsk

After a gasoline truck had a traffic accident, emergency rescue workers were saving the vicinity from oil pollution.

The incident took place at 9 am in Vitsebsk.

As a result of the accident involving a MAZ and GAZ 53 fuel truck, the latter overturned spilling diesel fuel — 2.4 tons overall – about half of the total fuel volume.

Gasoline truck put back on wheels

The MOE staff used the so-called “foam cushion”. Currently Luchesa and Western Dzvina rivers are being monitored for fuel pollution. The monitoring is conducted by officers of the Vitsebsk Hygiene and Epidemiology Center, the inspection of animal protection and fauna.

At 10 o’clock another MAZ arrived to pump fuel. The tanker was evacuated from the accident scene by a crane (see video above). In order to avoid possible spread of diesel fuel, supply of sand was ready with protection barriers installed near Luchesa river.,

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