Vaitsyushkevich gig in Minsk canceled due to ‘insurmountable obstacle’

Concert of the ‘WZ-orkiestra’ with Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich as a frontman was suddenly canceled. It happened after the gig was already approved by the authorities and start of ticket sales.

Following the concerts of Syarhei Mikhalok’s projects and the “People’s Album” roadshow certificate was issued the organizers of the ‘WZ-Orkiestra’ concerts. The event is scheduled to take place January 8 at Minsk Concert “Atlant” hall.

Advertising campaign and sale of tickets started last week. The singer was optimistic and hopeful in his commentary for The ‘WZ-orkiestra’ band prepared a big program, which would include the best songs of Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich — from the album “Toy store” to “Comet” — a disc that was called the album of the month by in November.

However, on December 7, ticket sale was stopped, and the poster was stamped with the mark “Canceled”. The organizer of the concert Vyachaslau Hulevich said to that he was suddenly denied access to rented site, despite the prior agreement and availability of tour certificates.

‘Atlant’ management explained to the that they faced insurmountable obstacles — the ‘Atlant’ plant leaves for the winter holidays, up to 16 January 2017, so it is impossible to provide a ground for this concert.

Since 2010, Zmitser Vaitsyushkevich has been unable to legally perform in his homeland. His concerts across Belarus were canceled for various reasons.