Minsk: Man shoots flare gun at police

Minsk police asked men to show their IDs, but one of them suddenly pulled out a gun.

On July 31, two policemen patrolled the area near Kalinouski street in Minsk. They saw three men who were drinking beer and making noise in the street. According to the press service, when the police wanted to see their IDs, a quarrel started: one of the rule-breakers pushed a policeman and the other showed a revolver.

The policemen ran back and hid behind the trees. Being at a safe distance, they kept following the offenders.

“The armed man was constantly looking around and repeatedly pointed the gun towards at the policemen who were keeping a distance of 40-50 meters and had enough time to shelter themselves. Having seized the moment, when there was an open space between them, the man suddenly stopped, took aim, fired at the squad, and then disappeared in the yard,” the press service of the police reports.

Meanwhile, another police patrol noticed a suspicious man hiding behind the cars. One of the policemen ran up to him, grabbed him by the collar,  knocked down and handcuffed him. However, the man had no gun on him. But soon the Ekol Viper 2.5 flare revolver was found in the bushes nearby.


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