Maladzechna: Belsat TV supporter detained

Raman Hancharou, an activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy, was detained on Tuesday at Maladzechna station.

He was about to go to Minsk and take part in the action of solidarity with Belsat TV.

The picket started at 12.00 in Minsk. The slogans of the action were ‘Turn off Russia TV, turn on Belsat!’, ‘Down with NTV! Belsat to Belarus!’ The participants handed over a petition to the Presidential Administration demanding, inter alia, Belsat TV funding by the Belarusian state and its journalists being accredited.

On Sunday evening, Witold Wazczykowski, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, voiced the ministry’s plans of the channel’s transition to a web mode and its journalists’ transfer to TVP Polonia.

There is an online petition to support “Belsat” on the Internet. To sign it, you need to follow the link., following