Volunteers of tactical group ‘Belarus’ posthumously awarded in Ukraine’s Cherkasy

Cherkasy Art Museum is conducting an exhibition on the occasion of the Day of Dignity and Freedom.

The joint project of the Ukrainian and Belarusian painters is a tribute to the memory of Ales Charkashyn and Vitaly Tilizhenko, two killed volunteers of the tactical group ‘Belarus’.

Previously, these paintings were exposed at the Embassy of Ukraine to Belarus and the National Museum of History of Ukraine.

 During the opening of the exhibition, Belarusian Ales Charkashyn and Ukrainian Vitaly Tilizhenko were posthumously awarded medals for the defense of Donbas on behalf of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

Ales Charkashyn was a former deputy chairman of the Brest-based  Belarusian Christian Democracy party. When the conflict in Donbas broke out, Ales, a medical worker, went to the ATO zone to help the wounded. In addition, the man actually became a chaplain of the tactical group ‘Belarus’: Ales told the soldiers about God and answered their questions on spiritual matters.

In August 2015, Ales Charkashyn was seriously injured during a tank attack launched by pro-Russian militants near Belokamenka. He died after being in a coma for two weeks and was buried in his native city of Brest.

Belsat.eu, following vycherpno.ck.ua