Monument to Belarusian volunteer fighter for Ukraine erected in Brest

A monument has been erected on the grave of Ales ‘Taras’ Charkashyn, a Belarusian volunteer who fought for Ukraine in Donbas.

The monument was reared in spite of the lack of money for it. Therefore, a fundraising is still in progress.

The official opening of the monument is scheduled for September 27, Ales’ birthday.

In August 2015, 33-year-old Ales Charkashyn, a citizen of Belarus, was seriously injured during a tank attack launched by pro-Russian militants near Belokamenka. The Brest-born fighter was wounded by 82-mm BM-37. He lost his arm; fragments of mines in his breast, kidney and head triggered blood-poisoning. He died after being in a coma for two weeks and was buried in Brest.

Ales Charkashyn was a former deputy chairman of the Brest-based  Belarusian Christian Democracy party. He was a medical worker and went to the ATO zone to help the wounded. In addition, the man actually became a chaplain of the tactical group ‘Belarus’: Ales told the soldiers about God and answered their question on spiritual matters.

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