Belarus preparing law against unfair sportsmanship

First Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee, assistant manager of Belarus on Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Development Maksim Ryzhankou spoke about the measures taken to combat doping.

According to him, there are now being prepared legislative changes that will punish the athletes that were caught doping.

“I am not going to use any specific wording: “doping “,” forcing to doping” and so on. But the punishment may be different. It all depends on the Parliament. Although, judging from the experience of other countries, it can be fines and corrective work, and even imprisonment in the most severe cases,” said vice-president of the National Olympic Committee in an interview with “Pressball”.

On the question of whether the athletes who were caught for doping will be denied prize money, Maksim Ryzhankou said:

“It is also one of the measures. If such a law or a decision is made, then the games in Brazil will be a watershed. I do not advocate seizing prize money for the eight year old violations. There is no legal basis for it. But in the future, why not? And all the athletes and coaches understand this. I think the new regulation on the prize money will discourage many of those who want to take doping. After all, tomorrow they can lose everything”.,