Translator of Bible into Belarusian language Vasil Syomukha dies at 83

Vasil Syomukha translated from German, Polish, Latvian, Latin, Spanish, Norwegian, Armenian, Ukrainian.

From German Vasil Syomukha translated works by Goethe, Schiller, Heine, Hoffman, Grimmelshausen, Nietzsche, Brecht, Durrenmatt, Hesse, Thomas Mann, Rilke, Suskind; from Polish he translated works by Mickiewicz, Slowacki, Norwid, Tuwim, Syrokomla; from the Latvian language — Jan Rainis, Jukums Vācietis etc.

“Many have already read it, therefore I can speak of the Faust translation as of a highly artistic, extremely accurate, poetic one. It is Goethe himself and, at the same time, Goethe, who allegedly wrote his great poem in Belarusian,” a literature researcher Syarhei Shapran wrote in 2016 about Goethe’s translation by Syomukha.

Tha Bible translation took Vasil Syomukha 14 years to finish.

For his translation work, he was awarded the Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany. Vasil Syemukha was a laureate of the Yakub Kolas State Prize. He also received the Latvian Order of Three Stars — the highest award of Latvia.

Works in the translation of Vasil Syomukha can be read HERE.,