Tragedy on Independence Day: Newly-purchased fireworks as trigger?

The fireworks that caused the death of a Minsk resident had never been used during Belarus’ Independence Day celebrations before, Lieutenant Alyaksei Kruhlik, the commander of the patrol company of the guards and defense battalion, said on July, 2.


“I will not reveal all the secrets. But I will just say that this time we will be using new firework products that have not been previously shown,” he told Minsk News.

According to the Belarusian Ministry of Defense of Belarus, the 195 caliber charges which exploded were applied to create the red part of the official Belarusian flag in the sky.

As reported earlier, during yesterday’s celebration, a 64-year-old woman was killed and about ten persons were injured.

  • In total, four fireworkds explosions took place in Minsk. Two casualties are still in hospital.
  • The fireworks were bought in Russia. The supplier company declined comment on the situation.
  • Following the explosions, the Belarusian Investigative Committee opened a criminal case.

Blood-stained feast. Videos of explosions in Minsk