‘To Putin, Kremlin, Moscow’. TV show as one more step to personality cult

Russian propaganda is storming new hills. TV channel Rossiya 1 has premiered the new program ‘To Putin, Kremlin, Moscow’, which is entirely devoted to the Russian president.

Its host is notorious pro-Kremlin journalist Vladimir Solovyov. In the one-hour show, Solovyov praised Putin for his good physical shape, ‘love for kids’ and ‘softening’ the pension reform. A new episode of the show is expected to be on TV screens every week.

Sociologist Igor Eidman has called the situation a ‘new stage of development of the personality cult of Putin in Russia’:

“The longer the Russian dictator rules, the faster he gets brazen; the more he makes his subjects sing praises, the stronger the cult of his personality gets. Putin has been on the throne longer than Brezhnev did, and he falls into the same insanity. The only thing he needs to do is to bedeck himself with orders and medals.”

Making a comment for Belsat TV show Hot Commentary, Belarusian political analyst Pavel Usau has stressed thatRussia is going into the period of actual totalitarianism, when a personalisty cult is necessary. According to him, Putin has already occupied this niche.

“In Belarus, of course, the scale is different, the cult of Lukashenka has not been formed. However, the elements of the cult of him as ‘Father’, a man of the people, are spotted. At the moment, he is trying to cultivaye his public image as ‘the people’s president’,” Usau believes.