Tips for drivers going to Poland

Polish police car. Photo: Filip Radwanski / Forum

New traffic regulations will be introduced in Poland starting from November 7. Changes which may lead to some fines are reported by Polsat News.

If you are stopped by a policeman, you should keep your hands on the wheel. An attempt to reach into your pocket, for example, for documents can be considered as an attempt to take out a weapon.

In general, the driver will have to ask for the permission of a policeman for every move. He must also allow the policeman to check the trunk and engine compartment, as well as record the odometer data.

If the driver violates these requirements, they may face a fine of up to 500 PLN (about $130).

But a police officer will not be obliged to introduce himself during his work. He should only do this if he is not wearing a uniform or if the driver asks him to do so.

Police officers will not be allowed to stop cars in unauthorized places. The rules of speed measurement are also changing, and now it will be possible to do it only on flat roads, without corners and obstacles on the road.