The Night Wolves kept out of Poland. Belsat TV reporter attacked by Putin’s motorhead

The members of the Russian motorcycle club ‘The Night Wolves’ were denied entry to Poland on May 1, 2016. The group was set to get to Berlin on May 9, Russia’s Victory Day, and ‘pay tribute to the soldiers who won a victory over Nazi Germany’.

The Wolves, vocal supporters of the country’s intervention in Ukraine and co-organisers of Antimaidan in Russia, left Moscow on April, 29. To reach the destination, they were to have driven through Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Austria.

But when the Polish border guards did not let them into the country, the Russians had to go back to Belarus and report the story to the journalists.

When Belsat TV contributor Ales Lyauchuk said the USSR was Hitler’s ally at the beginning of the Second World War and referred to the Nazi-Soviet Pact signed in August 1939, the club’s leader Alexander Zaldostanov aka Khirurg (Surgeon) could not come up with any sensible answer and went berserk.

According to Vladimir Putin’s close friend Zaldostanov, the reporter might be ‘nutty’ or a ‘provocateur’. People like him [Lyauchuk] do not let The Night Wolves travel through Poland, Zaldostanov said.

Zaldostanov was so offended that he refused to answer other questions and pushed Ales Lyauchuk away saying ‘Bugger off!’

As reported earlier, ‘The Night Wolves’ were not allowed to pass through Poland in 2015 as well. According to the Polish side, the participants threatened the security of the European Union.

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