Summer of 1941 through eyes of Luftwaffe soldier

Pictures from a German soldier’s album were shown in Hrodna Religion History Museum.

On the eve of June 22, a small exhibition devoted to the beginning of the war between Germany and the USSR opened in the museum lobby. At several booths were displayed photos, documents, awards of both the German and the Soviet side.

Attention was drawn by a collection of German soldier photos made in July and August 1941 during the offensive which was going through Belarus.[/vc_column_text]

ID from occupied Slonim

Endless columns of Soviet POWs

Minute of silence during offensive

Its journey is over

The road to the east

Hrodna tobacco

Parts of uniform and awards

Heaps of brick and tin – all that remained of the house

Near blown up bridge

This collection was passed to museum workers by their colleagues at customs a few years ago. All the pictures are of small size – 6 by 9 centimeters – with edges cut according to the latest fashion.

Typing machine in the woods – a report or a letter home

At the map

German language textbook for Belarusians

Popular German military magazine

Smoke break


Roadside picnic

Break near the Mir Castle

Fate and even the name of the soldier who made the photos are, unfortunately, not known. Judging by his uniform at the photos, he most likely served in the air-field formations of the Luftwaffe. They were a part of the infantry, which formally belonged to the Air Force. In the photo you can see every day life scenes, funerals, handing out of awards, the Red Army POWs, crossings and fires.

Destroyed Belarusian cities and businesses

Fireworks during the funeral

Fellow soldier with burnt hands

Visitors can also see the German military awards, the German language textbooks for Belarusians, even a package of tobacco made during the German occupation of the Hrodna Tobacco Factory.

Soviet helmet on a stick – the tomb of the unknown soldier

Soviet aircraft in a ditch by the highway


Plate with the image of Hrodna church

Plate with the image of Old Castle

Award ceremony

Destroyed Soviet aircraft which never took off

Another interesting thing from the exhibition – a set of two painted wooden plates with the image of the Old Castle and the Lutheran church in Hrodna – also the work of German soldiers. A few years ago, the museum acquired these exhibits from one of the local collectors.

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