Strengthening ties with diaspora? Belarus MPs urge govt to introduce Compatriot Certificate

Belarusians in Toronto, Canada, phot.

Belarusian deputies have put forward an initiative to introduce the so-called Compatriot Certificate for Belarusians living abroad and their children, Valer Varanetski, Chairman of the parliamentary commission on international affairs, said.

According to him, one should not compare Compatriot Certificate to Pole’s Card or other documents.

“Its core idea is different. We are aiming at strengthening spiritual ties between immigrants from Belarus and their the historical homeland,” state-run news agency BelTA quotes Varanetski.

The project is expected to involve not only the diaspora, but also people of Belarusian heritage.

Compatriot Certificate holders might get certain preferences, e.g. visa-free entry to Belarus.

The MPs have already submitted their proposal to the government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Culture, the Ministry and other departments.