‘Stop being tame shadows!’ Anarchists line up against wall in Minsk

On May 26, anarchist activists have held an action of solidarity with political prisoners and called on Belarusians to stand up for their rights.

“As long as there are people deprived of their liberty only due to their creeds and ideals, due to countering the state violence, restrictions, prohibitions and censorship, each of us, wherever we are, cannot feel free. At the moment, we have two political prisoners, Zmitser Paliyenka and Mikhail Zhamchuzhny. 32 persons are charged with preparing mass riots, 16 of them being behind the bars,” a representative of the Belarusian anarchist movement told Belsat TV.

According to them, people’s silent consent and indifference green-lights the actions of the dictatorial regime based on police lawlessness. “We urge you to stop being tame shadows who ignore the challenges of our time, ” the activists said.

The action was timed to the 23rd birthday of political prisoner Zmitser Paliyenka.