State-run TV shows weapons allegedly seized from Belarusian ‘militants’

“A proper arsenal was found in the apartment of Viktar Danilau, an activist of the extremist nationalist organization “White Legion,” “Belarus 1” reported on 22 March.

The story broadcast in the evening news claimed that in “the apartment of Viktar Danilau were found grenades, fuses, smoke grenades, a shotgun, Kalashnikov rifle,” as well as “red-black flag, brought from Ukraine, a poster of the Azov battalion,” insignia of the volunteer battalion fighter and chevrons of the “Belarusian Military Association”.

“[Police’s attention was] attracted by the picture, showing militants with balaclavas, wearing helmets, camouflage uniform, next to a APC with the Belarusian Government House on the background,” reported analyzing the story.

The information about the discovered “arsenal” was also circulated by the ONT channel. The authors described the “White Legion” as follows:

“During the street protests of the 1990s, the “White Legion” fighters were “the fists of the opposition”. They broke through the police cordons, took part in the fights together with Ukrainian radicals of the UNA-UNSO in 1996, pelted police with stones in the 1999. In the 2000s, “White Legion” announced that it was stopping its activity. But in fact, it just lay low, waiting for its time to come. All this time its fighters did the same thing as before: they were training in the woods. Only the press it was presented as patriotic camps, where children are taught to “love motherland”,” the ONT website reports.


On March 21st, law enforcement officers detained Ales Yaudakha. On the same day they detained one of the former leaders of the “White Legion” Miraslau Lazouski. Bloodied Lazouski was brought home by masked men to carry out the search, the source told Now, perhaps, he is in jail on Valadarski street.

Recall that the cruel detentions began after the statement of Alyaksandr Lukashenka, who claimed that in Belarus were detained fighters with weapons who were preparing a provocation. He also claimed that their camps were near Babruisk, in Poland, Ukraine, and Lithuania.