St. Casimir’s Day: Hrodna becomes city of crafts

The residents of Hrodna are celebrating Kaziuki, or the day of St. Casimir.

The City of Crafts – the tents and tables of artists and craftsmen of different profiles – has stretched across Savetskayastreet. The weather, however, was unfavourable: it had been snowing since early morning till afternoon.

In a way, Hrodna-based Kaziuki is a border fair, because craftsmen from Poland, Lithuania and Belarus come together here. The languages ​​of the three countries are official at the feast , they are used in the opening speech and further announcements.

At today’s event, the residents and guests of Hrodna had an opportunity to purchase vyshyvankas (embroidered shirt), warm socks made of wool, clay ceramics and many other things. Everyone who wished could try their hand in blacksmithing or play a tune a on the traditional whistle.

Saint Casimir, a son of King Jagiello, (October 3, 1458 – March 4, 1484) was a prince of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. He was known for his piousness, devotion to God, and generosity towards the sick and poor. He died at the age of 25. His canonization was initiated by his brother Sigismund I the Old after Casimir was attributed the miracle at the Siege of Polatsk (1518). He was canonized and became a patron saintof Lithuania, Poland, craftsmen and youth. His feast day is marked annually with a trade fair held on the Sunday nearest to March 4, the anniversary of his death.