Son of local official suspected of knife attack

On February 9, a schoolboy hit the Zhabinka tank farm guard with a knife. According to the Brest region Investigative Committee, law enforcement officers are looking into it.

“The investigative team found that three underage residents of Zhabinka (Brest region) had penetrated into the territory of the center for transshipment and storage of petroleum products, where they were noticed by a guard, who tried to remove the schoolchildren from the territory. At that moment, one of the schoolchildren struck [the guard] with a knife in the back,” the statement said.

One of the schoolchildren is the 14-year-old son of the Zhabinka district executive committee official.

“He illegally entered the tank farm and broke the window to get into the room and commit theft. The guard appeared and tried to detain him, but the official’s son struck him several times with a knife. Two more centimeters and it would get my heart,” a source familiar with the case told Belsat.

The Zhabinka district hospital reported that the guard started to walk on the second day after he was hospitalized.

Belsat’s source added that a criminal case was instituted against the official’s son. “The investigation is under pressure from the executive branch,” said the Belsat’s source. There is no official information about who hit the guard of the Zhabinka tank farm with a knife. Also, the police have not yet reported the instituted criminal case.

According to the schoolchild’s parents, the children entered the tank farm to climb the “labyrinths”. “There’s, allegedly, some kind of underground storage,” the man told TUT.BY.

On February 11, a teacher and children at a school in Stolbtsy were subject to a knife attack . As a result of the attack, the teacher and one student died. Two schoolchildren were injured.