Soldier accidentally shot dead after ‘security violation’

On April 4, a soldier of regular Belarusian service, private Dzmitry Udod received a deadly gunshot wound.

The tragedy occurred during the planned combat fire training of the 120th separate mechanized brigade (based in Uruchcha). The conscripts that were part of the crew of the infantry fighting vehicle “violated security measures in the arming of combat vehicles.” As a result, one of the crew members, the senior mechanic-driver BMP Dzmitry Nikalayevich Udod “received a deadly gunshot wound,” the ministry said.

Dzmitry Udod. Photo from VK

The Investigative Committee for the Minsk Region initiated a criminal case under Part 2 of Art. 463 (violation of the rules for the handling of arms and ammunition, which caused the death of a person through negligence) of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus.

Следственно-оперативная группа работает на месте происшествия в огневом городке механизированной бригады, где сегодня…

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The Ministry of Defense also formed its own commission investigating the circumstances of the incident.

According to Radio Liberty, the deceased soldier was 20 years old. Udod’s family lives in Navinki village, Kalinkavichy district. The family has 6 children. Before the army, Dzmitry worked for a year in the collective farm.