Sadness, anger and joy in Vilnius: Belarusian rock star presents Psychasamatyka

Lyavon Volski’s fourth solo album was presented in Vilnius’ club Loftas on December, 3. The musicians played to a full house; a few thousand viewers watched Belsat TV’s live webcast of the event. A video of the concert will be aired in a month.

Psychasamatyka (Psychosomatics), the first album released after Lyavon Volski’s wife and producer Hanna, is dedicated to ‘those who remain with and those who left us’ The funds for its recording were raised on the Internet. According to the performer, it is ‘all of us’ who have made it possible – donations poured in from 600 persons living in 30 countries.

According to the theory of psychosomatic diseases, there is a dependence between the physical state and psychological processes. In an interview, Lyavon Volski said he noticed the effects of psychosomatics in his life. It is assumed that five emotions – sadness, anger, curiosity, fear and joy – rule a game. Are they present in Psychasamatyka? After listening to the album, a doctor might find certain symptoms and diagnosis.

The album consists of two parts: the first, City, can boast of protest and biting lyrics, the second (Forest) is lyrical or even philosophical.

A song that opened the concert in Vilnius brings into sharp focus the pressure exerted on Lyavon and his co-thinkers. The most significant Belarusian rocker of our time has to present their new album to his compatriots outside the country.

The Belarusian authorities put Lyavon Volski on their unofficial black list of artists who do not support Lukashenka’s regimeState-controlled TV stations never invite him as a guest; he is actually banned from giving concerts in Belarus.

Loftas Club was packed with Lyavon Volski’s fans and like-minded persons.

Many had white-red-white flags on which marks were clearly seen: neatly folded, they mainly lie in wadrobes and drawers. Even here, at a concert in free Vilnius, they rest on the shoulders of the owners at first; but a bit later they start to flaunt above the crowd as a symbol that unites. will publish a video of the concert in a month., photos by Zmitser Yahorau