Sexism or no big deal? Feminists vs bare-chested guys in Minsk mall

On International Women’s Day, Belarusian feminists were protesting ‘sexism’ and ‘objectivation’ in a shopping center in Minsk, where Mark Formelle lingerie maker staged a photo session.

As reported earlier, in late February Mark Formelle presented a new promo video featuring half-naked male sewers.

On Wednesday, everyone who wanted to stood the chance to take a selfie with the bare-chested guys who showed themselves in the commercial.

At the same time, several girls holding posters ‘No to sexist advertising!’ and ‘Down with sexism and objectivation in ads!’ were standing near Mark Formelle male models in the mall. They were protesting against the company’s using the images of women as sex objects.

The feminist protest action is nothing out of the way, Mark Formel model Yury Parkhimchyk believes.

“Every event has two sides: there are those who love it and those who do not. Today the best part of visitors liked our idea,” he said.

Meanwhile, on March 8, brilliant green liquid was poured on participants of the feminist march in Kyiv; in Moscow several feminists were arrested for hanging their banner upon the building of the Kremlin.

French activists have launched a campaign against discrimination of women in Yves Saint Laurent posters. On March 10, a Paris court is to consider two pictures which caused a massive public outrage, LeMonde reports.