Serbian League party urges Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo

Vladimir Putin, 18 January 2017, phot.

A pro-Russian party has called upon the Serbian authorities to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to deploy troops to Kosovo.

It was stated in the appeal of its chairman Alexander Dzhurdzhev. According to him, the interim UN Mission and EULEX in Kosovo are not able to protect the Serbian people from ‘Albanian terrorists’.

As a result, Dzhurdzhev urged Serbian authorities to urgently take advantage of the rights granted by UN Security Council resolution 1244 and place 999 Serbian soldiers in Kosovo and Metohija. In addition, he asked to immediately initiate negotiations with Russia regarding the participation of Russian peacekeepers in Kosovo and Metohija in order to ‘prevent the terrible killings of Serbs and the destruction of property’.

“The Serbian League calls on the executive and legislative authorities of our country, the government and parliament, to appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin with a request to join the process of resolving the situation, and, in accordance with the plans to resolve the crisis in Syria, to sign an agreement between Serbia and Russia,” Dzhurdzhev said.

The Serbian League party stands for close cooperation with Russia, which, in its opinion, is ‘the defender of Orthodox nations’. The party is also against Serbia’s becoming a ‘colony of Western states’. The party has no representation in the country’s parliament.

On January 16, the leader of the Kosovo Serbs, Oliver Ivanovic, was shot dead in Kosovo. Serbian President Alexander Vucic considers the murder of the Serbian politician a terrorist attack., following UAWire