Schwarzenegger sues Russian company for using his image

A robot with a Schwarzenegger face. Photo: John Velasco / Digital Trends

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has sued the Russian company Promobot, which develops robots, the TMZ portal reports.

The reason for the lawsuit was that the Russian startup uses the actor’s appearance to promote its robotic nannies. This robot can watch the child in the absence of parents. It copies the facial expressions and emotions of a person: moves his eyes, lips, eyebrows, talks. It can be given the appearance of any person, including parents, and the company chose Schwarzenegger as an example.

The star was not satisfied with this, and he sued the company, demanding compensation in the amount of $10 million, legal costs and the company’s profits from Schwarzenegger’s appearance.

The actor also wants to get a ban on using his appearance for Promobot. Earlier, the celebrity refused the Russian company the opportunity to use his appearance, but this year the firm showed the robot with the face of Schwarzenegger again at an exhibition in New York.

Promobot says it can dispose of the robot shell, RIA Novosti reported.