Russian site accuses Pahonya squad of preparing Maidan in Minsk

In early May, field game Zvityaga is planned to take place in Volyn. Young people are invited there by Belarusian soldiers who are fighting for the freedom of Ukraine.

Belarusian squad Pahonya (Pursuit) currently fighting on the Ukraine side in Donbas has invited Belarusians to Volyn region for the field game Zvityaga on May 1-4. The essence of the game is as follows: all the participants are divided into two teams – hundreds.

Each team has two required attributes: name of the hundred and a flag. The flag is the main value of the team and its loss means a loss in the game.

The task is for the teams to seize the flag of the opposing team and hold it until the end of the game. The flag is in a special tent in the enemy’s camp. Fulfillment of this requirement is recognized as a clear victory for one of the teams. During the game, players can “destroy” the enemy players by taking off their armband. During the battle, no party has a right to beat their opponent.

The website page of the game indicates that it has been held since 2006, and every year it has young people coming from all regions of Ukraine in order to at least a few days feel “what a real rebel life is”.

Russian propaganda immediately reacted to the invitation of Pahonya. The website, for example, wrote that in the paramilitary camp in Ukraine Belarusians will be getting ready for Maidan in Minsk.

“Presidential election is to be held in Belarus this year. It seems that both Ukrainian and Belarusian nationalists are actively preparing to this,” the Russian site reports.

According to the website, the squad Pahonya is “notorious for its cruelty in Donbass”, and it plans to use the skills received in the war when it returns home to “take part in the elections”.

Pahonya was formed in July 2014. It is a military unit formed by volunteers from Belarus taking part in the armed conflict in Donbas on the side of Ukraine. Its training camp is located in the Volyn region.

Maxim Yarashevich,