Russian propagandist Kiselyov: My nephew lives in Germany, but fought against Ukraine

Dmitry Kiselyov, the director of pro-Kremlin news agency Russia Today, has a nephew, who fought with the separatist Donetsk republic against Ukraine. Kiselyov is notorious for his propaganda efforts in covering the Russo-Ukrainian conflict.

On April 7, Russia Today opened a press centre as part of Sputnik Belarus, its affiliate in Minsk. The press centre is situated in the House of Moscow in Kamunistychnaya Street.

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The opening ceremony was also attended by Belarus Information Minister Liliya Ananich, Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov and Russia Today CEO Dmitry Kiselyov.

Answering journalists’ questions about the conflict in Ukraine, Dmitry Kiselyov said: “There are volunteers from around the world, we showed them on TV. There, for example, my nephew fought. He lives in Germany, he has a German passport, but he went there to fight! In Horlivka, or somewhere else, I saw photos. I learned about it only when he had come back. He had been fighting from September to December. He was a platoon executive. I asked: “What did you go there, Sergei?” His name is Sergei Kiselyov, he is a son of my elder brother. He answers: “Because I am Russian.”, following БелаПАН