Russian MP: Plotters behind Pushkin’s death

Deputy Vladimir Petrov considers it necessary to investigate into the circumstances around the death of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin who was killed in a duel on February 10, 1837.

The MP stated his view on the matter in a letter to Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee.

According to Petrov, many of Pushkin’s contemporaries said his death ‘was not accidental’.

“Those who knew him even suggested that Alexander Sergeyevich might have fall victim of a plot,” Petrov believes.

Russian law enforcement agencies have been already spotted in returning to old cases. So, at the end of 2018, St. Petersburg Investigatime Committee resumed the investigation into the murder of singer Igor Talkov who died in 1991. This year, the Prosecutor General’s Office has launched a new probe into the Dyatlov Pass incident (1959).

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