Russian military to take part in drills in Brest

A parachute battalion of Russia’s 106th Airborne Division will participate in the joint Belarusian-Russian maneuvers in Brest, the Defense Ministry of Belarus reports.

The drills are scheduled for October, 21-25. However, the Russian troops will arrive in Belarus tomorrow,on October 12. A number of cultural events and a sightseeing tour around Brest region will be held to entertain them.

The major goal of the exercise is to ensure interaction between the armed forces of Belarus and Russia. The military will practise overcoming water obstacles, jump with a parachute, including at night, etc.

As for the Belarusian side, an air assault battalion of the 38th Separate Guards Air Assault Brigade will be involved in the war game.

In September, 4,000 Belarusians took part in the 2019 Union Shield military drills in Russia. The exercise was held at the Mulino range in Russia’s Nizhny Novgorod region on September, 13-19. The maneuvers take place once every two years alternately on the territory of Russia and Belarus.

Unofficial part of Russian-Belarusian military drill