Russian mil involved in attack on Ukraine takes part in Belarus’ Independence parade

A Russian delegation headed by Air Force commander-in-chief General Colonel Andrey Serdyukov was observing the Independence Day parade in Minsk on July, 3.

Serdyukov arrived in Minsk on July 2. On the same day he had a meeting with Belarusian Defense Minister Andrey Raukou.

According to Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), Colonel Serdyukov (call sign ‘Sedov’) had a leading hand in Russia’s military operation in Donbas in 2014-2015.

At that time, he served as chief of staff – first deputy commander of the Southern Military District of Russia.

“The movement of offensive forces to the territory of Ukraine was carried out under his control,” Ukrainian project Peacemaker, whose members are collect information on persons involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, says.

Расейскімі вайскоўцамі на парадзе ў Менску кіруе асабіста камандуючы ПДВ ЗС РФ генэрал-палкоўнік Андрэй Сердзюкоў….

Opublikowany przez Дзяніс Івашын Poniedziałek, 3 lipca 2017

“Serdyukov’s participation in the parade in Minsk is first and foremost a demonstration of the so-called alliance between Putin and Lukashenka regimes. It also shows Lukashenka’s real attitude to a pro-European and democratic Ukraine,” Dzyanis Ivashyn, an editor at the OSINT portal InformNapalm, stresses.

Over the last years, Belarus-Russia special forces exercises have been repeatedly held, Ivashyn adds.  It should be noted that the Russian soldiers have gained considerable experience in Ukraine. In his opinion, there is a ‘high probability that Lukashenka regime might provide military assistance to its main ally, the Russian Federation, for the sake of its own self-preservation’.; photo by