Russian Embassy in Minsk left without military attaché who allegedly conducted intelligence activities

Belarus has expelled Roman Spiridonov, military attaché of the Russian Federation. The reason for this was the alleged spying activity of the embassy employee. The embassy itself denies it.

Report on the possible expulsion of the Russian Embassy attache Roman Spiridonov was published in his telegram-channel HARBATSEVICH ex ХБ

“Some suggest that he was expelled in connection with an activity that cannot be called diplomatic. However, just like Spiridonov himself, he is not a diplomat – he is a professional intelligence officer. He left his post in France with a spy scandal. He has the title of the hero of Russia, but in Belarus he was not allowed to turn around like that,” he said.

“The new Russian defense attaché in Minsk hasn’t had a new one for a couple of months.

In turn, spokesman for the Russian Embassy in Minsk Alexei Moskalev said that Roman Spiridonov, the defense attaché at the Russian Embassy in Minsk, had completed his business trip and returned to Russia, writes interfax.