Russian activist Verzilov poisoning ‘highly plausible’ – German doctors

Pyotr Verzilov might have been poisoned, doctors at the Berlin hospital say. Howewer, they failed to determine the substance used.

On September 11, the man involved in Mediazona media outlet and Pussy Riot band activities landed up in hospital. According to his girlfriend, Verzilov started to lose vision as well as the abilities to speak and walk. Russian doctors deemed his being poisoned possible, but no formal diagnosis was made.

On September 15, Verzilov was taken to Charite hospital in Berlin by plane. His health condition is better now.

“The impression and the findings that we now have, as well as those provided by colleagues from Moscow, suggest that it was highly plausible that it was a case of poisoning,” Radio Free Europe quotes Kai-Uwe Eckardt, a doctor at Charite hospital.

The activist who has recovered his senses does not need artificial life support anymore. According to Eckardt, there is no threat to his life.

Pyotr Verzilov is a co-organizer and participant in the recent action Policeman Coming Into Play. Four Pussy Riot activists dressed in police uniforms ran out to the playing field during the World Cup final match in July. They urged the Russian authorities to release political prisoners and stop political persecution and police abuse.