Russia to give Belarus extra 410 mln USD in 2018

Belarus has received $ 263 million from Russia. These funds were transferred to the budget of our country as a compensation in the frame of the “re-clearance” scheme.

Two years ago, Moscow and Minsk reached an agreement to supply 24 million tons of oil to our country in an indicative balance for the year. But in fact, out of this amount, 18 million tons of raw materials are supplied, while for the 6 million tons of “black gold” Russia transfers export duties to the budget of Belarus. In total for 2018, Russia should transfer to Belarus 27 billion Russian rubles, which amounts to 410 million dollars, PRIME reports.

“We see that in connection with the rise in oil prices, our commitments to transfer the export duty on oil to Belarus increase, as compared to what was budgeted; We include 27 billion rubles in the budget as additional funds for this purpose, ”said First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

In addition to these funds, Russia should transfer to the budget of Belarus additional funds, the Russian ambassador Mikhail Babich said during a meeting with journalists in Brest.

“Among other things, the budget of Belarus received another $ 200 million — this money is the sixth tranche of the Eurasian loan. As for payments for gas, they are resumed and are proceeding as planned. And by and large, by the end of the year, there will be only scheduled payments, which will also go to the Belarusian budget. In this regard, all obligations are being fulfilled — this is a direct assignment of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin,” said Babich.