Russia’s FSB after paramilitary group spotted in Donbas, trainings for minors

The Federal Security Service (FSB) has actually smashed the ultra-right paramilitary group E.N.O.T. Corp which fought in Donbas and organized ‘military and patriotic trainings for teenagers, including those from Belarus, in Russia.

According to the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, E.N.O.T. Corp leaders quarreled with their Kremlin mentors, which resulted in the arrests of militants in 2018.

“Some have been arrested on grave but ‘non-political’ charges. As the saying goes, they have been thrown under a bus,” the newspaper says.

E.N.O.T leader Roman Telenkevich (call sign Water Sprite) is also among the arrestees, he is accused of extortion. More charges may be slapped against the leadership soon.

“Another criminal case will be related to the military and patriotic trainings held by the group from year to year with the blessing of the same mentors [from the FSB]. But now it may be interpreted as involving minors in extremist activity,” Novaya Gazeta reports with reference to its own sources.

In 2016-2018, Belarusian youngsters were reported to be taling part in the activities attanged by the paramilitary group. It is noteworthy that notorious neo-Nazi and war criminal Alexei Milchakov and his associates from Rusich group appeared as instructors at the trainings.

E.N.O.T. Corp has acquired a reputation for being a neo-fascist organization. Before the conflict in Ukraine, its members were mainly engaged in fighting against illegal migration in Russia. When the war broke out, they got engaged in military, intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.

In 2015, E.N.O.T. began its legalization process in Russia. They got the status of a public organization and support of the state. At the same time, Roman Telenkevich was a senior staff member of The Union of Donbas Volunteers. It bands together the Russians that fought for separatists and helps them.

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