Russia paving way for separatist republics in Belarus, Kazakhstan – opinion from Ukraine

The developments in Belarus and Kazakhstan show that Russia is actively preparing the ground for establishing so-called ‘people’s republics’ there, Ukraine’s believes.

In his article, journalist Dmytro Gomon refers to the sensational publication by Lukashenka’s mouthpiece ‘SB’ (Sovetskaya Byelorussia) about taking Belarusian children to ‘Orthodox’ training camps organized by pro-Russian militants who fought and are fighting in the east of Ukraine.

The author expressed hope that Belarusian law enforcers would be keeping an eye on such ‘trainers’ after the major state-run newspaper had blasted them. According to a Ukrainian expert, the publication was sort of a warning message to separatists, i.e. ‘we are on guard, we are watching you’.

But when it comes to information security, only a message is not enough, Espreso’s journalist says and adds that the neutrality of Belarus is a myth:

“According to opinion polls, the sentiment of the majority of Belarusians differs from the official position of the state. This is the legacy of their co-existing in Russian information field,” he stresses., following Espreso, photo by