Russia: Komi e-zine fined for using Komi language

Flags of Komi. Photo:

The Russian authorities imposed a fine on a media outlet in the city of Syktyvkar (Komi Republic) as it it had published several stories in the language of the local people.

The e-zine 7×7 will have to pay 20,000 Russian rubles to the state budget for the publication of three materials in the Komi language as well as English translations of some articles. According to the Russian authorities, the outlet violated the rules of distributing media products. In 2010, when 7×7 obtained a registration, they designated Russian as the language of distributing its materials.

The defense lawyer stated that the violation did not pose any threat danger to society and asked to dismiss the case due to its low significance. However, the judge did not listen to his arguments.

“Russia is a multinational country, but someone seems to forget about it. 7X7 was established in the Republic of Komi, I live in Syktyvkar. People have the right to speak and write in their native language. In Komi, there is even a separate law on the preservation of the national language. We believe it is important to support the linguistic diversity of Russia,” 7×7 director Pavel Andreev stressed.

The Komi journalists are going to challenge the court’s decision.

Russia: Komi e-zine fined for using Komi language