Russia forces Belarus stop certification of third country products

Belarus has stopped certification of fruits and vegetables coming to Russia from third countries, according to report published by the Rosselkhoznadzor on April 1 following talks with the Main State Inspectorate for Seed Growing, Quarantine and Plant Protection of Belarus.

The measure affects products that are included in the Russian “sanctions” list. It will last until Belarus takes the necessary measures to confirm the country of origin of products in order to stop the flow of “sanctioned” products to Russia.

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At the same time, supplies of fruits and vegetables for consumption in Belarus will continue.

During the negotiations, the Rosselkhoznadzor noted that Belarusian apples, grown in 2018, were still coming to Russia, even though such supplies stopped in mid-February last year. Also, the ministry does not believe that Belarusian Peking cabbage can be stored for such a long time.

Russia threatens to ban re-export of fruits and vegetables from Belarus

Last week Russia threatened Belarus with a total ban on re-export of fruits and vegetables. The Rosselkhoznadzor stated that they did not receive reliable information about the volume of imports and the volume of goods that went through customs clearance in our country. This leads to falsification of the true country of origin of goods, the Russian side noted.