Russia defies EEC resolution on Belarusian dairy products

Russia has refused to comply with the decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission on admission of Belarusian dairy products to its market, the first deputy chief of staff at Russian government, Sergei Prikhodko, said on April 28, “Prime” reports.

On June 6, 2018, the Rosselkhoznadzor restricted the supply of milk and certain types of dairy products to Russia from Belarus. Thanks to the agreement signed soon, deliveries from a number of Belarusian enterprises were allowed. In January 2019, the board of the Eurasian Economic Commission informed the Russian Federation about the need to comply with the agreement on the EAEU while restricting the supply of certain categories of dairy products from Belarus.

But, according to Sergei Prikhodko, the Russian side had put on the agenda of the intergovernmental council the issue of canceling this EEC decision. “The entry into force of the decision will be suspended until the intergovernmental council makes a final decision on this issue,” he said.

According to him, the issue concerns the failure of some Belarusian dairy producers to comply with the requirements of the EAEU technical regulations.

“Russia has imposed temporary restrictions for objective reasons and in full compliance with the provisions of the EAEU agreement,” the official added.

He also said that Russia is engaged in a dialogue with Belarus on this issue.