Movement ‘For Freedom’: Belsat TV standing against Russian propaganda

The movement ‘For Freedom’, a Belarusian NGO, is concerned about unconfirmed reports of a significant reduction in Belsat TV and its conversion into a Russian-language channel.

“Belsat TV is the only Belarusian-language channel which provides reliable and objective information. Belsat, an excellent example of solidarity of Poles and Belarusians, is based on the ideals of freedom and democracy. It contributes to the two nations’ coming closer together and Belarusians’ taking the European path of further development,” the statement says.

Soon after yet unconfirmed reports about Polish authorities’ plans to cut Belsat TV budget for 2017 by two thirds, which could mean the end of it, Internet users launched a campaign of solidarity with the channel.

Belsat TV is avery important actor in countering aggressive Russian propaganda in Belarus, the members of the movement believe.

“The Movement ‘For Freedom’ is calling on the Polish Government and nation to save the channel and its format. For our freedom and yours!”

The organization began collecting signatures in support of the channel.

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